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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by to read my 'About Page'.

I'm Rachel!

Here you'll find some information about me, the artist, and how I came to turning a love of art into my full time passion and career.

I decided to document my general goings on at RachelBlackwellArt.com for a few reasons...

  • At the time of starting this blog, I happened to be testing out new art techniques and brands so I thought to myself, why not share these findings with like minded people?! I was already doing it anyway, so if any info I give out here helps another, why not?

  • RachelBlackwell.com became a diary of sorts. Aside from being a blog, I also love to keep a record of my different projects which I can refer to later down the line. When I feel like repeating a project again or when it comes to remembering a particular technique I've found that referring to this blog; my 'diary', invaluable - not to mention a time saver!
  • I love to learn! In fact, I'd say, I'd consider myself quite the sponge. I think when you say you've stopped learning, that's when you cannot get any better. I want to always get better so yes, I aim to soak up all the good info I can find and pass that on to you guys.
  •  I'm someone who scours the Internet for research before buying or an answer to an art question when needed (thank god for the Internet) so if I have been looking for those answers, I'm sure others are too.

  • Being able to offer non biased product reviews. Purchasing supplies is a terribly expensive habit, for me at least. Saying that, I always do my research before making that purchase. So at the risk of having a set of oil pastels sit at the bottom of a drawer forever more, I look for others genuine opinions to help me make up my mind. Whether than means on Amazon (via their verified reviews) or a trusted bloggers opinion; it always proves to be invaluable information. Hence, again, I'd like to pay that forward even in the hopes of saving a couple of dollars and of course, discovering amazing finds.
By the way, it goes without saying, I will always give an honest, fair and unbiased reviews on products I purchase myself and that may be given to me free of charge.
That, I promise you.


To give you an idea of how I arrived here, writing this for you and drawing and painting in general, here's a little of my story below...

If you have any questions, I'd be thrilled to hear them. Just drop me an email via the contact page here.

After a 15 year break where I rarely did drawing or painting, I decided about 18 months ago to rediscover my love of art and dive back in.

I decided to teach myself as much as possible to ensure I improved and possibly even make a career out of it as has always been there in the background.

Yet circumstances change, time goes on, other interests came along (I actually spend 8 years as a massage & beauty therapist in the UK). My new circumstances involved moving to a new country, being alone while my husband was at work a lot and going through a difficult time learning to adjust to my new life.

During this time, I felt myself gravitating towards being creative again. I started a handmade jewelry and bridal accessory business on Etsy and threw myself into learning how to make silk purses, beaded sashes and intricate jewelry. I loved it so much and business went really really well, until I became burnt out. I found it extremely hard to keep up with the demand and that, coupled with my own personal difficulties, it became impossible to continue without making myself ill. I took a good couple of years off, put away my sewing machine and Swarovski crystals knowing that the rest was good for me.

Sometimes, I'd often take to doing brief sketches during this time often when I felt my anxiety or depression rear up again. When I noticed it gave me a positive outlet and temporary relief, I found myself gravitating towards being creative yet again. At first, it was only for pure enjoyment.

I've always loved to draw portraits and since becoming accustomed to my new American life, I discovered 1950's Hollywood films. Finding  inspiration in the form of glamorous starlets, bedecked in beautiful beaded gowns, perfectly precise makeup and immaculate hair, made drawing again easy! Marilyn Monroe in particular became one of my favorites...

So, here I am here writing this for you today.  I've fully re-discovered my love of art and since worked really hard, almost every day to improve my skills.
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